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BEEM, Inc., or at one time called Better Equipment for Electron Microscopy, Inc., has been producing BEEM® products since 1961. Known best for the famous BEEM capsules, the BEEM, Inc and products for embedding and handling and storage of TEM grids, product line has been expanded to include a number of other products useful for histology and microscopy. In more recent years, the BEEM product line has been further expanded to include other products useful to those working in microscopy and histology.

BEEM, Inc. is a manufacturer and sells only through authorized BEEM® product distributors. We list our contact information below only if someone would have the need to contact us directly. But we want to emphasize that BEEM®, Inc. is not set up to make sales at retail, we sell only through distributors. And to go one step further, we sell only through a limited number of premier distributors, ones who have a demonstrated commitment for serving those in the microscopy and microanalysis market.

BEEM, Inc.
PO Box 656
West Chester, PA 19381-0656 USA

A note of caution!
Every business has competitors. And BEEM is no exception. Some are spreading the false claim that "As we all know the owner of the BEEM® Product line passed away and the supply of their products has been scarce to none." It is true that the owner of BEEM, Inc did pass on in February 2004, and while some BEEM distributors might have temporarily run out of one or more BEEM products when there was a slight product interruption, since July 2004, BEEM, Inc. has been under new ownership. And since August 2004, all BEEM products have been readily available to all BEEM, Inc. distributors.

If you have been a user of the real BEEM® capsules, you know that the imitation capsules are just not the same. Either the capsule does not "cut" easily or the capsules tends to stick to the block. But either way, it slows you down and reduces productivity. No one has been able to duplicate the secret resin formula discovered by Stanley Brown, the founder of BEEM, Inc.

So when you need to order capsules, don't settle for anything less than the best, make sure you get authentic BEEM® products, not a BEEM® "replacement" or a BEEM® look-alike. By demanding original BEEM products, you are going to be certain you are getting the very best (but paying essentially the same price as the "knock-offs").

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